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The Internet Troubleshooter: Help for the Logged On and Lost

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Title: The Internet Troubleshooter: Help for the Logged On and Lost
Author(s): John, Nancy R.; Valauskas, Edward J.
Subject(s): internet handbooks
Abstract: The Internet Troubleshooter is for someone who is trying to use the electronic superhighway and is discovering, like all pioneers, that trouble lurks at every turn. This book is not an introduction to the Internet. Since you are reading this book, you are probably among those in the intrepid jump-right-in school. And true enough, the only way to decide whether the Internet is for you is to try it. Based on the experience of millions of users, be prepared to like it when it works and to hate it when it seems not to. This book assumes that you have found at least a temporary way to the Internet and that you've already tried out a few Internet maneuvers. You've discovered that the road isn't as smooth as you thought. Once you get onto the “information highway”—the metaphor that makes computer networking easier to understand— how do you get a flat tire fixed? Where's the motor club? Are there speed traps? This book helps Internet users solve some of the basic problems that occur as they cru i s e along. It addresses those potholes—glitches—that make “virtual life” both challenging and frustrating. It's meant to be your late-night companion when a puzzler makes you want to throw your keyboard out the window, or it's too late (or embarrassing) to call on your electronic neighbor.
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: Chicago, Illinois : American Library Association
Citation Info: John, Nancy and Edward Valauskas. The Internet troubleshooter: help for the logged on and lost. Chicago, IL: American Library Association, 1994.
Type: Book
Description: PDF of the table of contents and chapters, minus the title page and cover.
Date Available in INDIGO: 2007-04-04

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