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Pediatric Obesity 5
Selenium and sulindac are synergistic to inhibit intestinal tumorigenesis in Apc/p21 mice 4
Transumbilical laparoscopically assisted appendectomy: an alternative minimally invasive technique in pediatric patients 3
Co-depletion of cathepsin B and uPAR induces G0/G1 arrest in glioma via FOXO3a mediated p27 upregulation 3
Upregulation of PTEN in Glioma Cells by Cord Blood Mesenchymal Stem Cells Inhibits Migration via Downregulation of the PI3K/Akt Pathway 3
Intramedullary neurenteric cyst associated with a tethered spinal cord: Case report and literature review 2
Human Resting Muscle Tone (HRMT): Narrative Introduction and Modern Concepts 2
Effectiveness of a Pediatric Verbal Lead Exposure Screening Protocol in Emergency Department Patients 2
Tumor-associated soluble uPAR-directed endothelial cell motility and tumor angiogenesis 2
Breast and cervical cancer screening in Great Britain: Dynamic interrelated processes 2


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