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Factors Associated with Repeat Visits among Clients Attending a Clinic for Sexually Transmitted Infections in Kisumu, Kenya 3
Peer-education Intervention to Reduce Injection Risk Behaviors Benefits High-Risk Young Injection Drug Users: A Latent Transition Analysis of the CIDUS 3/DUIT Study 2
Text Messaging to Improve Attendance at Post- Operative Clinic Visits after Adult Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention: A Randomized Controlled Trial 2
Medical Male Circumcision and HSV-2 Acquisition: Post-Trial Surveillance in Kisumu, Kenya 2
Efficacy of a Food Safety Comic Book on Knowledge and Self-Reported Behavior for Persons Living with AIDS 2
Mammogram image quality as a potential contributor to disparities in breast cancer stage at diagnosis: an observational study 2
DNA methylation and hormone receptor status in breast cancer. 2
Determinants of consistent condom use vary by partner type among young men in Kisumu, Kenya: a multi-level data analysis 2
Descriptive epidemiology of central nervous system germ cell tumors: nonpineal analysis 2
Dietary and physical activity adaptations to alternate day modified fasting: implications for optimal weight loss 2


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