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Nascent Peptide in the Ribosome Exit Tunnel Affects Functional Properties of the A-site of the Peptidyl Transferase Center 7
Of mice and men: neurogenesis, cognition, and Alzheimer's disease 6
Aurora kinase A is a possible target of OSU‑03012 to destabilize MYC family proteins 3
Proposed mechanism for lipoprotein remodelling in the brain 3
Pathogenic Forms of Tau Inhibit Kinesin-Dependent Axonal Transport Through a Tau-Dependent Mechanism Involving Activation of Axonal Phosphotransferases 3
Molecular Microdomains in a Sensory Terminal, the Vestibular Calyx Ending 3
Differential Regulation of Amyloid-β Endocytic Trafficking and Lysosomal Degradation by Apolipoprotein E Isoforms 2
Levels of soluble apolipoprotein E/amyloid-β complex are reduced and oligomeric Aβ increased with APOE4 and Alzheimer disease in a transgenic mouse model and human samples 2
Effects of Mutant Alpha-Synuclein In the Activation of Retrograde Fast Axonal Transport 2
Molecular Mechanisms of Environmental Enrichment: Impairments in Akt/GSK3b, Neurotrophin-3 and CREB Signaling 2


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