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Exposure to Physical Activity Resources by Neighborhood Sociodemographic Characteristics in Copenhagen 5
Use of spirometry in the diagnosis of COPD: A qualitative study in primary care 5
Urban Adolescents' Perceptions of their Neighborhood Physical Activity Environments 5
Translating Epidemiology into Policy to Prevent Childhood Obesity: The Case for Promoting Physical Activity in School Settings 5
The Moderating Role of Developmental Microsystems in Selective Preventive Intervention Effects on Aggression and Victimization of Aggressive and Socially-Influential Students 3
Long-term survival and healthcare utilization outcomes attributable to sepsis and pneumonia 3
Do State Minimum Markup/Price Laws Work? Evidence from Retail Scanner Data and TUS-CPS 3
Establishing a Baseline Measure of School Wellness-Related Policies Implemented in a Nationally Representative Sample of School Districts 3
Association between state physical education (PE) requirements and PE participation, physical activity, and body mass index change 2
Gene x Environment effects of serotonin transporter, dopamine receptor D4, and monoamine oxidase A genes with contextual and parenting risk factors on symptoms of oppositional defiant disorder, anxiety, and depression in a community sample of 4-year-old children 2


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