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Validation of Secondary Commercial Data Sources for Physical Activity Facilities in Urban and Nonurban Settings 3
Accuracy and Bias in Adolescents' Perceptions of Friends' Substance Use 3
Supporting diabetes self-care in underserved populations: a randomized pilot study using medical assistant coaches 2
Risk and Direct Protective Factors for Youth Violence: Results from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Multisite Violence Prevention Project 2
Body composition changes in females treated for breast cancer: a review of the evidence 2
Identifying state-level policy and provision domains for physical education and physical activity in high school 1
Predictors of regular mammography use among American Indian women in Oklahoma: a cross-sectional study 1
Relation of unprocessed, processed red meat and poultry consumption to blood pressure in East Asian and Western adults. 1
Translating Epidemiology into Policy to Prevent Childhood Obesity: The Case for Promoting Physical Activity in School Settings 1
Measurement invariance of the kidney disease and quality of life instrument (KDQOL-SF) across Veterans and non-Veterans 1


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