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Nursing, College of

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Children's Pain: PICU Nurses' Beliefs and Responses to Virtual Human Vignettes 13
Misconceptions about breast lumps and delayed medical presentation in urban breast cancer patients. 12
Fatigue as a Symptom of Coronary Heart Disease 10
Multivariable Adaptive Closed-Loop Control of an Artificial Pancreas Without Meal and Activity Announcement 9
Identifying Predictors of Bone Density and Metabolism in Premenopausal Women with Type 1 Diabetes 7
The MCH Navigator: Tools for MCH Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning 6
African-American adolescent girls' initiation of sexual activity: survival analysis 6
Social-Cognitive Factors and Exercise Behavior among Thais 6
Collaboration Across Eight Research Centers: Unanticipated Benefits and Outcomes for Project Managers 5
Contextual Factors, Substance Use and HIV Risk among Young Rural Male Workers in a Malawian Market 5


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