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Bottomed analog of Z+(4433)

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Title: Bottomed analog of Z+(4433)
Author(s): Cheung, Kingman; Keung, Wai-Yee; Yuan, Tzu-Chiang
Abstract: The newly observed Z(+)(4433) resonance by BELLE is believed to be a tetraquark bound state made up of (cu)((c) over bar(d) over bar). We propose the bottomed analog of this bound state, namely, by replacing one of the charm quarks by a bottom quark, thus forming Z(bc)(0,+/-,+/-+/-). One of the Z(bc) is doubly charged. The predicted mass of Z(bc) is around 7.6 GeV. This doubly charged bound state can be detected by its decay into B-c(+/-)pi(+/-). Similarly, we can also replace both charm quark and antiquark of the Z(+)(4433) by bottom quark and antiquark, respectively, thus forming Z(bb) the bottomonium analog of Z(+)(4433). The predicted mass of Z(bb) is about 10.7 GeV.
Issue Date: 2007-12
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation Info: Cheung, K., Keung, W. Y., & Yuan, T. C. (2007). Bottomed analog of Z+(4433). Physical Review D, 76.
Type: Article
Description: Publisher's Copyright:
ISSN: 1550-7998
Date Available in INDIGO: 2009-08-08

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