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High energy neutrinos from neutralino annihilations in the Sun

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Title: High energy neutrinos from neutralino annihilations in the Sun
Author(s): Barger, Vernon; Keung, Wai-Yee; Shaughnessy, Gabe; Tregre, Adam
Subject(s): supersymmetric dark-matter large hadron collider minimal supergravity relic density
Abstract: Neutralino annihilations in the Sun to weak boson and top-quark pairs lead to high-energy neutrinos that can be detected by the IceCube and KM3 experiments in the search for neutralino dark matter. We calculate the neutrino signals from real and virtual WW, ZZ, Zh, and t (t) over bar production and decays, accounting for the spin dependences of the matrix elements, which can have important influences on the neutrino energy spectra. We take into account neutrino propagation including neutrino oscillations, matter-resonance, absorption, and nu(tau) regeneration effects in the Sun and evaluate the neutrino flux at the Earth. We concentrate on the compelling focus point (FP) region of the supergravity model that reproduces the observed dark matter relic density. For the FP region, the lightest neutralino has a large bino-Higgsino mixture that leads to a high neutrino flux and the spin-dependent neutralino capture rate in the Sun is enhanced by 10(3) over the spin-independent rate. For the standard estimate of neutralino captures, the muon signal rates in IceCube are identifiable over the atmospheric neutrino background for neutralino masses above M-Z up to 400 GeV.
Issue Date: 2007-11-16
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation Info: Barger, V., Keung, W. Y., Shaughnessy, G., & Tregre, A. (2007). High energy neutrinos from neutralino annihilations in the Sun. Physical Review D, 76.
Type: Article
Description: Publishers Copyright -
ISSN: 1550-7998
Date Available in INDIGO: 2009-06-25

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