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Informatics tools for scientific discovery and collaboration. 5
Executive Summary of the Stages of Reproductive Aging Workshop + 10: Addressing the Unfinished Agenda of Staging Reproductive Aging 5
A Single-Tube Quantitative High-Resolution Melting Curve Method for Parent-of-Origin Determination of 15q Duplications 4
White-matter tract integrity in late-life depression: associations with severity and cognition 3
Demand Characteristics and Quality Improvement: Who is Fooling Whom? 3
The predictive power of depression screening procedures for veterans with coronary artery disease 2
Randomized Controlled Trial of Peer-Led Recovery Education using Building Recovery of Individual Dreams and Goals through Education and Support (BRIDGES) 2
Time Course of Recovery Showing Initial Prefrontal Cortex Changes at 16 weeks, Extending to Subcortical Changes by Three years in Pediatric Bipolar Disorder 1
Teaching through Interactions: Testing a Developmental Framework of Teacher Effectiveness in over 4,000 Classrooms 1
Three Journal Metrics for Studying Author Publication Behavior: journalPair_metrics.txt 1


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