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ADAM: another database of abbreviations in MEDLINE 3
Ethical and Regulatory Issues with Conducting Sexuality Research with LGBT Adolescents: A Call to Action for a Scientifically Informed Approach 3
Down syndrome with and without dementia: An in vivo proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy study with implications for Alzheimer's disease 2
Post-Acute Effectiveness of Lithium in Pediatric Bipolar I Disorder 1
Evidence for loss of synaptic AMPA receptors in anterior piriform cortex of aged mice 1
White-matter tract integrity in late-life depression: associations with severity and cognition 1
Women and non-cardiac chest pain: gender differences in symptom presentation. 1
Lithium-induced neuroprotection is associated with epigenetic modification of specific BDNF gene promoter and altered expression of apoptotic-regulatory proteins 1
Patterns of frontoparietal activation as a marker for unsuccessful visuospatial processing in healthy aging. 1
Towards effective and rewarding data sharing [Editorial] 1


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