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Provision of Local Public Goods with Spillovers: Implications of Green Open Space Referenda 12
Estimating Network Structure via Random Sampling: Cognitive Social Structures and the Adaptive Threshold Method 5
Measuring and Assessing Perceptions of Success in a Transit Agency's Stakeholder Involvement Program 3
Computer Literacy and the Accuracy of Substance Use Reporting in an ACASI Survey 3
Toward a Useful Theory of Mentoring: A Conceptual Analysis and Critique 2
The Micro-Geography of Tax Avoidance: Evidence from Littered Cigarette Packs in Chicago 2
Organizational Red Tape: A Measurement Experiment 1
Exclusive Sharing of Genetic Materials in U.S. Agricultural Research: Antecedents and Consequences 1
Data Mining Approach to the Work Trip Mode Choice Analysis in the Chicago Area 1
Women in STEM Networks: Who Seeks Advice and Support from Women Scientists? 1


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