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Provision of Local Public Goods with Spillovers: Implications of Green Open Space Referenda 12
Mentoring and Network Ties 4
Breaking the Habit: Lessons from a High-Incarceration Neighborhood 3
The Institutionalization of University-Community Engagement: Developing Uniform Metrics for Assessment 3
Reframing the Reclaiming of Urban Space: A Feminist Exploration into Do-It-Yourself Urbanism in Chicago 3
Ethnocratic Regimes: Identity and Territory in the Lebanese Context 3
Public Management Mentoring: What Affects Outcomes? 3
The Changing Nature of Governance in the Public Research University: Untangling the Web of Faculty Roles 2
Intermodal Logistics Centers and Their Impact on Transportation Corridor Industrial Property Value 2
A Multi-Level Analysis of the Issue of Runaway Youth: Precursors, Consequences and Harm Reduction 2


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