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A novel role for phagocytosis-like uptake in herpes simplex virus entry 4
Real-time interactive data mining for chemical imaging information: application to automated histopathology 3
Retinoid and carotenoid status in serum and liver among patients at high-risk for liver cancer. 3
Chemoprevention of prostate cancer: Natural compounds, antiandrogens, and antioxidants - In vivo evidence 3
Development of a Nuclear Morphometric Signature for Prostate Cancer Risk in Negative Biopsies 2
MMP-2 siRNA Inhibits Radiation-Enhanced Invasiveness in Glioma Cells 2
Parenchymal Anaplastic Astrocytoma presenting with Visual Symptoms due to Bilateral Optic Nerve Sheath Involvement 1
Natural Allelic Variations in Glutathione Peroxidase-1 Affect Its Subcellular Localization and Function 1
Vitamin D and Immune Response: Implications for Prostate Cancer in African Americans. 1
Rosiglitazone Improves Survival and Hastens Recovery from Pancreatic Inflammation in Obese Mice 1


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