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Three Teachers’ Language, Gender, and Racial Ideologies in Practice in the English Learner Classroom 7
Comprehension Questioning: Small Group Reading Instruction for Urban Students with Learning Disabilities 6
Improving Chinese University Students' Speaking Performance in Mobile-Assisted English Learning 4
Leveraging Historical Thinking Heuristics as Warrants in Historical Argumentative Writing 4
The Presence and Significance of Imaginative Play in the Lives of Mexican-American Adults 2
Reading While Black: Exploring the Voices of African American Struggling Readers 2
On Leveraging the First Impression: Learning, Achievement Motivation, and the Design of Digital Tasks 2
Investigating the Validity of Using NWEA’s MAP Results to Predict PSAE and ACT Results 2
Assessing Potential Predictors of Rater Fit Measures in the Establishment of Performance Standards 2
Korean Immigrant Women’s Identity Negotiation: Language Learning from a Post-Structuralist Perspective 2


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