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Intra- and Inter- School Interactions about Instruction: Exploring the Conditions for Social Capital Development 32
Investigating the Validity of Using NWEA’s MAP Results to Predict PSAE and ACT Results 26
Socializing Leaders for Student Success: An Exploration of How and Why Urban Principals Develop Teachers 13
A History of Curriculum Thought in South Korea: 57BCE-1987 6
Korean Immigrant Women’s Identity Negotiation: Language Learning from a Post-Structuralist Perspective 6
Comprehension Questioning: Small Group Reading Instruction for Urban Students with Learning Disabilities 6
Mujerista and Womanist Teachers: What Happens When Latina Mothers Have A Voice in Education? 4
College Readiness in an Urban Black Context: Ideology, Discourse, and Practices 4
Roles of Engagement: Examining the Use of Role-playing Controversy in the Teaching and Learning of Argument Writing among 9th Grade Students 4
Validation of Score Interpretations for the BDI-2 Using Rasch Methodology 4


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