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Clinical Assessment of Primary Implant Stability Parameters Using a Stereolithographic Surgical Guide 23
Applicant selection procedures for orthodontic specialty programs in the United States: Survey of program directors 10
Influence of attachments and interproximal reduction on the accuracy of canine rotation with Invisalign - A prospective clinical study. 5
Parent Experiences with Adolescent Oral Health and Dentists by Community 5
Odontogenic Induction of Dental Stem Cells by Extracellular Matrix-Inspired Three-Dimensional Scaffold 4
Pediatric and General Dentists’ Behaviors and Attitudes Towards Adolescent Oral Health Care Issues 4
Effectiveness and Relapse of Tooth Whitening During Orthodontic Therapy: A Six-Month in vitro Assessment 4
The Effect of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy on Orthodontic Relapse in a Rat Model 4
DPP Activates Integrin-Mediated Anchorage-Dependent Signals in undifferentiated mesenchymal cells 4
The Well Child Visit: Oral Health Assessment and Guidance 4


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