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Intersectin (ITSN) Family of Scaffolds Function as Molecular Hubs in Protein Interaction Networks 3
[18F]CFA as a clinically translatable probe for PET imaging of deoxycytidine kinase activity. 3
Intersectin 1 Enhances Cbl Ubiquitylation of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor through Regulation of Sprouty2-Cbl Interaction 3
Urinary Copper Elevation in a Mouse Model of Wilson’s Disease Is a Regulated Process to Specifically Decrease the Hepatic Copper Load 3
The GTPase RaB26 links synaptic vesicles to the autophagy pathway 2
Application of Virus-Like Particles (VLP) to NMR Characterization of Viral Membrane Protein Interactions 2
Molecular mechanisms of antithrombin-heparin regulation of blood clotting proteinases. A paradigm for understanding proteinase regulation by serpin family protein proteinase inhibitors 2
Thiazole antibiotic thiostrepton synergize with bortezomib to induce apoptosis in cancer cells 2
A common environmental carcinogen unduly affects carriers of cancer mutations: Carriers of genetic mutations in a specific protective response are more susceptible to an environmental carcinogen 2
Novel Device to Sample the Esophageal Microbiome — The Esophageal String Test 2


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