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Transcriptional regulation of endothelial cell and vascular development 6
Transport of PIP3 by GAKIN, a kinesin-3 family protein, regulates neuronal cell polarity 5
Improvement of cardiac function in mouse myocardial infarction after transplantation of epigenetically-modified bone marrow progenitor cells 5
Hydrogen Peroxide Regulates Extracellular Superoxide Dismutase Activity and Expression in Neonatal Pulmonary Hypertension 4
The Role of Rac1 in Glycoprotein Ib-IX-Mediated Signal Transduction and Integrin Activation 3
Carboxypeptidase M augments kinin B1 receptor signaling by conformational crosstalk and enhances endothelial nitric oxide output 3
Emerging Roles for Intersectin (ITSN) in Regulating Signaling and Disease Pathways 3
Reactive Oxygen Species in Inflammation and Tissue Injury 3
Superoxide Dismutases: Role in Redox Signaling, Vascular Function and Diseases 3
Suppression of Breast Tumor Growth and Metastasis by an Engineered Transcription Factor 3


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