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MMP-9 and uPAR regulated glioma cell migration

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Title: MMP-9 and uPAR regulated glioma cell migration
Author(s): Veeravalli, Krishna Kumar; Rao, Jasti S.
Subject(s): glioma integrin migration invasion shRNA
Abstract: Integrin dependent and independent MMP-9 and uPAR signaling plays a key role in glioma cell migration and invasion. In this article, we comment on all the possible pathways and molecules associated with MMP-9- and uPAR- mediated glioma cell migration with a special emphasis on integrins, a family of cell adhesion molecules. Our recent research investigations highlighted the substantial benefit of silencing both MMP-9 and uPAR together compared to their individual treatments in glioma. Simultaneous knockdown of both MMP-9 and uPAR regulated a majority of the molecules associated with glioma cell migration and significantly reduced the migration potential of glioma cells. Our results point out that the bicistronic construct, which can simultaneously silence both MMP-9 and uPAR offers a great therapeutic potential and is worth developing as a new drug for treating GBM patients.
Issue Date: 2012-11
Publisher: Landes Bioscience
Citation Info: Veeravalli KK, Rao JS. MMP-9 and uPAR regulated glioma cell migration. Cell Adhesion and Migration. 2012 Nov-Dec;6(6):509-12. doi: 10.4161/cam.21673.
Type: Article
Description: This is a copy of an article published in the Cell Adhesion and Migration © 2012 Landes Bioscience. The final publication is available at doi: 10.4161/cam.21673
ISSN: 1933-6926
Sponsor: This research was supported by a grant from National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), NS047699 (to Prof. Jasti S Rao).
Date Available in INDIGO: 2014-01-02

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